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We offer the service to easily store feeds in big plastic tubes and keep them in excellent condition for up to a year without any losses.
We can store your own crops or can supply freshly harvested products in big tubes.
We can also bring brewers’ spent grain and apple pulp – valuable feed resources for dairy cows – from the factory and tube it on your farm.
It is possible to store shredded maize, grass, alfalfa or any other green crop for ensiling, and to store grains or seeds like wheat, maize, or sunflower in dry condition.

We offer you, as our customer, free ration advice, which helps you to optimize your milk production and keep your cows healthy.

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About TGS Holland

It would be better for the people, the economy and the environment if Georgia would be more self-sufficient. We want to play a role in achieving this by offering the required technology and knowledge to farmers. This is key in increasing the profitability of farms.

TGS Holland is the Georgian daughter company of TGS Business, which is based in The Netherlands. TGS Business provides a wealth of agricultural knowledge and has the goal to empower agricultural supply chains through local entrepreneurship. They do so by setting up businesses to fill gaps in supply chains and finding ways to overcome difficulties. We have done so in over 15 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.
In Georgia, TGS Business already assisted in setting up a modern dairy farm in Gardabani. They are now involved in building a circular pig farm in Ozurgeti and an organic vineyard in Kakheti.

As TGS Holland we are looking for other opportunities in Georgia to improve agricultural production and assist farmers.

Building a modern dairy farm in Gardabani

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