Can Silobags be reused?

When you empty the silo bag, it should be cut along its full length. Then it can be recycled as each meter of silo bag is made of about 1 kg high quality polyethylene.

How long can I store my surplus product?

Our truck and its tubing system makes storage possible for up to a year, without a single % of loss under the correct use.

Can I feed brewers’ spent grain to my cows?

Yes, spent grain is completely safe! It’s simply nutrient rich feed that gives healthy cows! Using it for feed is one of the most popular uses of this product. 

Why would I optimize my rations?

In Western Europe, almost all farmers calculate the ration that their cows need for optimal milk production and cow well-being. For example, we met a farmer here that fed his cows 2 kg of wheat (1 GEL/kg) and 2 kg of soy (2,5 GEL/kg). The amazing thing is that he could get an equal level and quality of milk with 3 kg of wheat and 1 kg of soy. So, we helped him to improve his profitability with 1,5 GEL/cow per day. This may seem small, but for a herd of 30 cows, this is about 12.500 GEL/year. Small changes can make a big difference. Contact us to see what this means for your business.

What products can be stored in the tubes?

There are a lot of options. Besides brewers’ spent grain and apple pulp, it is also possible to store shredded maize, grass, alfalfa or any other green crop for ensiling, and to store grains or seeds like wheat, maize, or sunflower in dry condition.