About TGS Holland

Our mission

It would be better for the people, the economy and the environment if Georgia would be more self-sufficient. We want to play a role in achieving this by offering the required technology and knowledge to farmers, and by this increase their profitability.

TGS Holland is the Georgian daughter company of TGS Business, which is based in The Netherlands.
TGS Business provides a wealth of agricultural knowledge. It has the goal to empower agricultural supply chains through local entrepreneurship. They do this by setting up businesses to fill gaps in supply chains and finding ways to overcome difficulties. They are active in 15+ countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.

In Georgia, TGS Business already assisted in setting up a modern dairy farm in Gardabani. We are now involved in building a circular pig farm in Ozurgeti and an organic vineyard in Kakheti.

As TGS Holland we seek opportunities in Georgia to improve agricultural production and assist farmers.

Storage of surplusses

In autumn, there is usually a surplus of apple pulp. This is partially thrown away at that moment, and not available in the rest of the year. In summer, there is often a surplus of nakharshi, and there is a shortage the rest of the year.
This also applies to maize silage. We see very often that there is a lot of loss during storage. Not only because not everything is taken from the ground, but also because feed spoils after harvesting and ensiling. These nutritional losses can easily reach 30%. That would be 30% of wasted money and wasted Georgian resources. We have a solution! Our truck and its tubing system makes storage possible for up to a year, without a single % of loss under the correct use.

Optimize and save rations

In Western Europe, almost all farmers calculate the ration that their cows need for optimal milk production and cow well-being. We rarely see this here.
For example, we met a farmer here that fed his cows 2 kg of wheat (1 GEL/kg) and 2 kg of soy (2,5 GEL/kg). The amazing thing is that he could get an equal level and quality of milk with 3 kg of wheat and 1 kg of soy. So, we helped him to improve his profitability with 1,5 GEL/cow per day. This may seem small, but for a herd of 30 cows, this is about 12.500 GEL/year. And this is just one example.

We will help our customers to optimize their ration for milk production and save resources and costs.

Our people

I am Ilia and I couldn’t see the camera very well without my glasses. When it’s cold outside I like to wear elarji on my head.

I am Ilia Zoidze, director of TGS Holland. (to be continued)

I am Christiaan, and I am from the Netherlands.
After my bachelor’s in Nutrition and Health, and masters’ in Food Safety, I worked in a couple of big food factories in the Netherlands; you may know KraftHeinz and Mars. Then I felt that in the Netherlands food is already so safe, and everything is already so developed; it is hard to make a big difference there. So I wanted to move abroad, and I met people from TGS Business that explained what they were doing, and I was immediately excited. They had a spot available and I am happy it was in Georgia.

As I grew up on a farm and studied at the best agricultural university in the world, I already came equipped for the job, and with additional training on dairy feed I am ready to help the dairy sector in Georgia move forward.